Theory only learning has become an outdated methodology in today’s world and practical experience has become the priority of learning. We, Actbytrack Event Management aspire that individual who have taken an extra effort to think out of box and has grown up higher. This function is conducted to recognize and award those additional efforts.

Professional Quality Vocational Knowledge Degree Qualification from The European Continental University (ECU) in collaboration with CEA and UK-CCL is the reward provided to matured licensed working individuals based on their knowledge of Ability and capabilities through an Entrepreneurial Certification. ECU is dedicated to facilitating and promoting Work Experience   Based Professional Knowledge Entrepreneurial Qualifications. All employers and business organizations accept the awards as a worthy and valid certification. The Founders of ECU wish to emphasize that it does not offer any USA or UK Traditional Academic University Qualification. Rather it places the importance on licensed work knowledge learning by way of Hands on Experience & Work Learning.


 At Actbytrack Event Management, we propose superior management of conference logistics, regardless of location or size. Whether you are looking for a few complimentary services to hold up your conference team, or are looking for a full spectrum of conference management solutions, we will work with you to modify our services in order to match all of your conference or event needs


We at ACTBYTRACK-EVENT MANAGEMENT offer a myriad of opportunities for educational development through webinars, seminars, workshops, roundtables and educational quiz and debates. Our organised and time bound functioning at educational events provide professionals with a targeted and flexible means to advance, change or refocus careers and position organisations for future growth.


The workshops that we conduct provide opportunities to hear from further education leaders, government, and business experts as well as network with like-minded peers on a wide range of topics. We also run trainings in variety of courses for further education professionals at all stages of their careers through our leadership programs. We also run in-house training sessions where expert coaches and mentors provide support and guidance to higher level leaders.