Members are provided with Accommodation options:


School’s Student Halls:

School’s student halls or halls of residence are accommodation provided on campus by a college or university. It is generally located on campus, which, in most cases, means no need for public transport to lecture halls, the library and other campus facilities. We will inform you if your chosen college or university has accommodation available.


Host Families:

Host families or homestay accommodation are available throughout London. They tend to be a comfortable home away from home. We work with homestays that are conveniently located, close to public transport and offer a high standard of quality accommodation. Students share meals and socialise with their host families and English language students get the chance to practice their language skills.

Private Landlords:

For students who are not interested in living in halls of residence or homestays, renting from private landlords is an option that ensures they have their own space and a level of freedom. Log in and browse through accommodation available from private landlords.


Student Hostels:

These are private student residences, not located within the campus and run by private companies. We work with a few student hostels around London and we will advise members on the hostels closest to their place of study.


Emergency Accommodation:

Actbytrack Education and Training provides three nights emergency accommodation for members who experience difficulties in finding a suitable accommodation on arrival. Log in to our Member’s Area for more information and booking an emergency accommodation.

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